The Greatest Adventure Awaits in 2016!

what would you do

And I would love for you to join me.

I am getting ready to embark upon my very own hero’s journey, Joseph Campbell style.  Over the past several years, I lost my mojo.  I was treading water, but not making headway on my goals or dreams.  I had so many “people and things” in my way.  Or so, I imagined.  Being a mom, wife, mid-life aging woman.  All the stress having a child with ADHD (another with ADD, another with Depression).  The story I was stuck in was not very inspiring and certainly disempowering.

And while I did my best to “write it out” as I am inclined to do, I was not scaling the walls of my well very quickly until I made some incredible discoveries that have radically changed how I feel about myself, my life and everything around me.

I have some BIG plans for my life, on every level, this year.  I invite you to follow along on this adventure as I put insights and tools to the test and seek to manifest my dreams.  While I have confidence in my abilities, I am only human and old habits can be tricky.  There may be difficult times along this journey and I intend to be as transparent as possible.  I also want the accountability.  If I can do it, YOU can do it, too.  So, let’s get there together. Please click ====> HERE to subscribe to my blog so we can stay in touch.

My greatest passion and desire is to fill the world with light and inspiration through story.  I will continue to share our adventures healing ADHD.  I’m even thinking about an online course for parents to help shift perception and as a result, all that stress!  I am excited to be completing my novel FREYA WOLF, finishing the PALE GRAY LIFE project as well as some incredible film projects.

Thank you for subscribing and following along to this point.  I did not want to leave out my DECODING ADHD peeps.  I cannot wait to share what I’m working on and offer you first look as well as opportunities to participate in the unfolding of the power of life.  My greatest passion and desire is to fill the world with light and inspiration through story. Please don’t forget to click the link above so we can stay connected.


Lisa “Elle”

PS: Please forward my blog or email with anyone you feel would appreciate this work, particularly if they share the passion, power and purpose of illuminating the human heart.

PSS: HERE is the url in case the link above doesn’t work.

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