Celebrate Every Victory


Got a nice email today from school.

Little dude had a 100% day.

A perfect score.  Every teacher perfectly happy with everything.  On task.  Respectful.  In control.

This may be something most people just take for granted.  No news is good news, right? But for my guy, whose every movement, utterance or attitude is tracked all day long, to not only “make it through” but SHINE enough in his impulse control and behaviors to get 100 EFFING % is something to CELEBRATE!

It’s just one day.

But it’s one MORE day than he’s had in two very long years in the structured school environment.  It’s one MORE day of self mastery and proving he does have the skills to learn and cooperate.

It’s HUGE progress.  It’s a SIGN of growth and maturation.  It’s a SIGN that all our efforts to support him are working.

He no longer wants to die.  He no longer finds himself ostracized by ignorant, judgmental kids or adults (eh….mostly).

He’s putting it together. He’s pacing himself. He’s remembering to breathe. And smile. And believe in himself. And make friends. And focus when it’s necessary to learn and acquire new knowledge about something like math or science or art or music.

To know in his heart that his is AWESOME and he CAN do it.

He IS smart.

He IS lovable, worthwhile and GREAT!

We never take his great days for granted because HE worked so hard to get them.  And best of all, when he has a less than stellar day, he KNOWS it’s just a temporary setback.  He has learned to shake it off.

And slowly, my shoulders begin to relax and I breath deeper and calmer than I have in far too long.  My baby is going to be okay.

U Got the Sunshine!

One thought on “Celebrate Every Victory

  1. Dear Elle!
    Wow thank you so much for all you do as a mother. I am a youg woman who got diagnosed with add only recently. I too have to learn to celebrate every victory, every tiny step. Needed to hear this right now. Keep up the good work!

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