Back To School – Nervous Mommy

Little man was all smiles when he found this praying Mantis after school. Praying Mantis is spirit medicine for patience and mindfulness.

Here we come 3rd grade (and 5th, 9th and 11th for the record).  Ready or naught.

Full disclosure – this was written two weeks ago but because of all the “back to school” rigmarole, I didn’t feel it was ready to publish…so, this is a little after the fact but with a how-is-it-going bonus.

While most parents are probably super excited to get their kids back into the classrooms so they can get back to coffee breaks and bankable hours of time to work or play, we are…in total DENIAL, not just dragging our feet, we have barricaded ourselves into the warm banks of summer, praying we have more time to let our interventions take hold.   Terror and panic of all the myriad of factors that could go completely sideways and make this yet another year of emotional rollercoasters and constant management of behaviors.

This is me hugging the warm banks of summer...biting my nails down trying not to think about returning to school...
This is me hugging the warm banks of summer (“please don’t end, please just one more sunset, please…”).

We are not leaving anything to chance, as you know if you have been reading along.  We have spent our ENTIRE summer in THERAPY!  Not for us, but for the kids.  Major neural rebooting, friendship camps and most recently spinal network stimulation, as well as the usual nutritional monkey business trying to eliminate trigger foods, chemicals or just douse the brain in essential acids, minerals and oils…working simultaneously to help the body be lean and the brain happy fatty.

This was the summer to kick ADHD/ADD/Depression/Anxiety to the curb.

Our 10 week summer adventures included:

4 weeks of daily Listening Center therapy in Canada

2 weeks of Friendship Camp for kids with disabilities

2 weeks of Network Spinal Therapy

1 week of windsurf camp

1 week of every other summer celebration or holiday event.

Such happy Canadian campers….Bon Voyage!

The second half of Listening Therapy in Canada was managed by Dad.  The very minimal reporting I received describe a well oiled machine with marked improvements on the neural feedback testing for all.  The kids said it was all very “boring.”  Passive listening isn’t meant to be exciting but I can tell you from doing it myself that the brain feels like it’s being pulled like taffy in multiple directions.  Paul Madaule said that little man will need a few months to simmer and we can revisit if more sessions would be helpful in December.  He feels our ADD daughter has made great improvements and should have a much easier academic year ahead of her (she feels this way, too).  Our oldest daughter stopped her depression meds and says she feels better than she has in a long time.

This journey finding answers and healing for our variously affected children has opened our minds and hearts to a world we didn’t know existed.  For every ambiguous or discouraging diagnosis, we’ve always found hopeful and promising solutions.  Not every solution has given us immediate relief, though progress has been steady.

The kids listening at home using the Listening Center’s “LIFT” program.

There is no magic bullet or pill or instant fix for anyone.  The human body is complex.  There are so many factors in our biology and environment that can influence how we experience health or lack of it.  What works for one person or family, may not work for another.  Most exasperating is how few MDs have any kind of training or experience to help guide families. They know how to write prescriptions and shrug off what they cannot bill.  I’ve met very few MDs who desire to think outside the box.  At the end of the day, MDs are trained to commodify health the way a mechanic is trained to tune an engine.  If it’s not obvious nor part of the manual they studied in the wee hours of their debt laden degree process, they probably, honestly have no clue.

What I learned my very first day of motherhood is that WE are our children’s best advocates in all matters.  And that power and responsibility is sacred, if occasionally terrifying.

Everyone keeps asking if the Listening Center “fixed” the kids?  Was it worth it; the time, expense and distance travelled?

Little dude ready to “fix” himself.

The answer is that we won’t know until we put our kids back in the school environments where they were struggling most.  Our little guy will be improved if he can control his impulses and sustain friendships.  Our ADD daughter will be improved if she can manage her homework without epic meltdowns every night.  Our depression prone daughter will be improved if she can embrace her pivotal year without dropping into a dark funk where nothing seems to matter.

We were really only planning to focus on Listening Center therapy this summer but we recently learned about another technique from some very conservative friends who tend NOT to do anything but traditional mainstream medical treatments.  Their endorsement and further research got us very excited to check it out for our kids and ourselves.  It’s called Network Spinal Analysis.  I will write in detail about this soon but we are super excited about what this technique does for the nervous system.

I got a report from both my husband and my daughter that little man is noticeably calmer since doing several sessions in Canada.  He even offered to help clean up at the Listening Center, where he normally jets out the door the second his listening session is over.

Back to School Update:  Little man’s Sped Teachers BOTH commented on how much calmer he seemed.  Every day so far have been “A” days.

We are cautiously optimistic.

Hoping I can keep my eyes on the prize for my son’s sake as we venture back into the school yard.  For reasons I am still wrestling with, I wasn’t able to write very much about the social bullying we experienced last year (both my son and me)…it still stings…but we are forging ahead and will not let the haters get us down.

The very first day of school, waiting for me to pick him up, little man found a praying mantis in the school yard.  The mantis totem is all about peace, calm and quiet, reminding us to meditate and relax.  They also bring the “invisibility” cloak, to help you blend in and not be noticed.  This is GREAT for little man who was the talk of the school last year and could use a lower profile this year.


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