An Ugly Duckling Story

ugly duckling

There once was a little boy who knew he was different.  But he didn’t know why.  And he didn’t really know how.

All he knew is that he was different from the others.  And no matter how hard he tried, he was never quite right.

While his parents and teachers worked hard to help him fit in, the other kids did not really understand and didn’t really want to.  Some were nice but most were not.  And the ones who were not, blamed him for being different.

One of the big differences this little boy had was that he couldn’t access words the same way others could.  He could talk your ear off and read many books, but his feelings were locked away inside and words could not translate their codes.

One day, despite feeling very lonely and very sad, he read the story of the Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Anderson and a big light bulb appeared in his mind.

“This is a wonderful story!”

Without being conscious of it, he understood the Duckling very well.  He wrote pages and pages of his thoughts and feelings about the Ducklings story, even though writing is so hard for him.  He drew pictures and made a book.

On the day he shared his project, was the very same day that his teachers finally understood that he was very much like the Ugly Duckling and just wanted to be understood and accepted.

And that very same day, his parents who had worked so hard to help him, saw him not as a child with challenges, but a child who is magnificent in his own special way.

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