Red Tides Inside


2014 was the worst year of my life so far.  And curiously, also the best.

For starters, I began the year in a very dark tunnel, unsure what was happening with my son.  Talking to everyone; friends, doctors, therapists, authors, parents and even a shaman.  Researching like mad.  Enrolled and paying through the nose for experimental and even a few controversial therapies.  I wore myself out.  My stress and anxiety went through the roof.  I barely took adequate care of myself.  I was balancing on a razor between hope and hopeless, courage and despair, faith and fury.  I scrutinized my every decision from pre-child bearing years through to what I served for breakfast that morning.  As I battled my own auto immune based exhaustion, I shoved my son to the surface for air, praying and clinging to any sign that drowning was either a terrifying hallucination or an acceptable risk if it meant my son would make it.

There is a saying, “No FBI agent does research like a concerned mother.”

Every mother knows when something is wrong with her child.  Even if the doctors say all the tests are normal.  Even if other parents say they’ll outgrow it.  Even if well meaning friends or family suggest that all the fretting is not helping anyone, least of all the child.  I disagree.  If it weren’t for the unwavering, deeply primal love of a parent, and the escalation of information synthesis, many, many break throughs in healing would just not happen.  Story after story of children miraculously cured or saved or aided appropriately because of a parent are beyond anecdotal.  Even if all a parent can do is carry their ailing offspring to the right expert, they do it.  And more often than not in this modern era of complex pathogen metamorphosis, parents are going deep into debt to decipher or treat ever more perplexing health puzzles.

A mother will fight for her child to not only survive, but thrive.

I believe that our amazingly advanced modern medicine is woefully inadequate to the present state of disease and illness in children.  In fact, the elephant in the room is the very same technology that we all praise as saving us.  Our modern lifestyle of chemicals infusing our air, water and soil, has potentially permanently altered our genes and cell function while inciting a new class of enemies we can hardly fathom.  Our global and human immune system is under massive attack.  The red tides are not just along our shorelines, they are lapping inside the cytoplasm of our children, distorting and damaging their ability to defend themselves and grow the way nature designed.  Our immune systems are incredibly robust and capable, until and unless they are disabled or damaged.  No theory of evolution can outpace the madness of modern toxicity.  There seems to be no end in sight.

What is wrong with our children?

Much of the confusion parents face today comes from the enormous tidal wave of chronic disease and conflicting treatment pronouncements.  Something doesn’t add up and no one is giving us any answers.  If you have a child today, you probably remember a childhood relatively free of serious disease.  Children were very rarely afflicted by anything more serious than chicken pox or the flu.  I didn’t know anyone with allergies more serious than hay fever.  Now my niece can DIE if she touches peanut oil?  Today, every other child in my son’s class has a health issue of one kind or another.  Most have adjusted to the ill fitting new normal and have no idea what it’s like to eat without care or process information without a prescription.


The Cinderella Vaccine Effect – Modern Medicine Hurting More than Helping

We were raised listening to the horror stories of our parents and grandparents, mostly about war and poverty, but also about diseases that are now easily prevented or treated with better hygiene, water sanitation and nutrition.  Vaccines were rushed into production (captive, fearful and trusting audience) to fix anything else deemed threatening to our future Jetsons lives without regard to the actual impact of the contents or whether or not vaccines were even necessary or effective in disease prevention.  We all lined up for our shots and happy meals….Little did we know that the world that created vaccines, also brought a tsunami of untested toxins, depleted faux foods, and chemical “cides” that would make all the worlds mercifully acute epidemics seem like expired dance cards compared to the long suffering and mysterious chronic plagues of the modern world.

As the 70s and 80s progressed, and we earned our degrees and met our mates, the level of chemical pollution in our air, water and soil escalated to unprecedented levels.  Whatever your beliefs about climate change, the fact that modern industrial practices have unleashed millions of new lab created chemicals and microbes, never before existing in this biosphere, is NOT a trivial little factoid.  Much of what we unleash into the ground and air is meant to kill the known enemies and ends up feeding and catalyzing the unknown enemies.  We have yet to understand nor appreciate the synergies of mother nature.  And as a consequence,

We are engineering our own extinction.

Chemical biological interaction is a desperately concerning reality that is manifesting massive unintended consequences.  And yet, our hallowed science industry continues to look for cures and treatments to individual symptoms and peculiarities of genetic expressions or effects rather than pulling back the veil of how we impact and interact with other lifeforms.  Our pollution and disregard for symbiosis and mutualism has consequences whether we want to consider them or not.  We’ve created and released tens of thousands of synthetic toxic substances into our atmosphere, concentrating natural contaminants in regions and locations where they would not normally accumulate and the result is massive biomagnification and chronic toxicity.  Our increasingly strange and extreme weather is an outward sign of the storm brewing inside every human biome.

A perfect storm

On this journey to heal my son from ADHD and his other neurologically based learning disabilities, I’ve met and learned from hundreds of parents and families struggling with an array of diseases; autism, lyme, allergies, chronic fatigue, ODD, OCD, cancer, aspergers, mood disorders, PANS/PANDAS, aggression, anxiety, etc. So many acronyms.  Many more theories about causation.  Staggeringly few solutions.  I have found parents praying, fighting, innovating, networking, crying and reaching out to lift up others even when they had nothing left to give.  I have never met more caring, compassionate or generous people than those who face the monumentally heart breaking diagnosis of “incurable.”  Once the numb (or is it dumb) clinical institutions deliver their terminal invoices, the parents of the incurable are forced to dig deep into a well of faith many never knew even existed.  Fortunately for the world, these same parents journey to far away lands where “what ifs” are still dancing in the halls and mother nature leaves treasures for their return.

What is causing all these auto immune and neurological disorders?

No one can pin down the causal agent for ADHD or Autism or ALS or CFS or even Cancer but many dedicated scientists and researchers are getting close with various pieces of the puzzle and all of them have a complex of chronic viral and bacterial infection and an impaired immune system response.  In my lay person’s opinion, the common denominator boogie man, is a class of primitive algae/bacteria called cyanobacteria.  While they may not sound very concerning, especially since as a class they are credited with the creation of life on earth, certain breathren of their species (cyanotoxins and giant sulphur bacterias) can be more devastating than all the world’s evil distilled in a nuclear bomb.  They work in the dark where few scientists have been able to reach as they elude testing and understanding.  Some researchers out there are even wondering (out loud) if cyanos have been weaponized for use in the insane race to power among humans.  These ancient microbial building blocks may be piggy backing with mycotoxins and other pathogens (viruses, parasites) to replicate and evolve at an alarming rate as they appear to adopt or steal DNA from other organisms.

dark matter bac

Astrophysicists and Veterinarians to the Rescue reported that “Roughly half of living in human bodies is difficult to replicate for scientific research—which is why biologists call it “microbial dark matter.” Scientists, however, have long been determined to learn more about these uncultivable bacteria, because they may contribute to the development of certain debilitating and chronic diseases.”  One of the greatest diagnostic tools modern medicine provides are tests for infection.  Sadly, a great majority of them provide false negatives because the testing mechanisms are so limited.

While cyanobacterias are studied to a minor degree in regards to human health, they seem to be better understood and treated in the world of veterinary medicine.  Nearly all of the auto immune and neurological diseases that stump our human clinicians, are regularly addressed and treated in animals.  Most just don’t connect the dots because human doctors do not speak to vets as a matter of course.  Humans only hear about toxic algal poisoning or cyanotoxins if and when there is a red tide or harmful algal bloom (HAB) in a lake or body of water where people might swim.  The big “water bucket challenge” for ALS is quite ironic considering that HABs are suspected as causing ALS and Parkinson’s disease.  In fact, there is a strong possibility that Stephan Hawking contracted his ALS as a coxswain for the Oxford rowing club.

————-Update (8/30/15) ————

A warm “blob” off the coast of the Pacific (stretch up to 500 miles) is threatening many species of fish and birds and eventually other animals in the life chain.  Scientists have acknowledged that it is feeding toxic algae and will have consequences for everyone for years to come.


Cyanos do not stop their activities at the shorelines

Cyanobacterias and their toxins invade the tissue of fish and other creatures, becoming aerosolized while taking up residence in the airways of birds and other mammals (including humans).  The smaller mammals are impacted the most dramatically but there is mounting evidence that cyanobacterias are the reason for escalating chronic diseases of every kind.  They are implicated in an increasing number of contagious diseases.  The human body is more than 70-80% water.  We carry more bacterial cells than human.  The problem is that in our increasingly acidic earthly environment, cyanobacterias are thriving.  They are on the march to a degree few recognize. In our weakened immune states, the trojan horse of a cyano+viral spirochette or parasitic polymorphs can create untold havoc and go virtually undetected, resulting in undiagnosable and certainly untreatable disease symptoms.

We, like the garden, are comprised of many elements.  A healthy garden is not just dirt, water and sun.  There are millions of microbes that work within the soil, water and air to bring full nutrients, growth and potential to the plants.  Our children are gardens, too.  Our seed was burdened with toxicity and we passed this on to our children (epigenetics & body burden).  Our children were born pre-polluted and we were then asked to inject and feed them more carcinogenic and toxic substances.


Chemical Health Epidemics Right Under Our Noses

An MIT professor just announced that 1 in 2 children will be born with symptoms of autism in 2025 due to Monsanto’s glyphosate (Round up and Round up Ready seeds).  Of course, this professor is getting slammed by the usual suspects, but she’s sounding a critical alarm.  If you have been paying attention, then you know that autism is an unprecedented health epidemic.  Incidence and variations of all the “symptoms” are affecting millions of children at an astounding rate in the US and globally, though the US has a particularly striking occurrence.  The special education director at our school suggested that the official rates are far too conservative and that she is already seeing student ratios closer to 1 in 10!  Autism is a development disorder that varies widely between individuals from debilitating to high functioning, affecting neurological, communication and social function.  I have met and interacted with families who are recovering their children by eliminating toxins and pathogens from their bodies.  Rather than getting involved and studying these claims, mainstream medical doctors simply backtrack their diagnoses and suggest these children never had “autism” in the first place.  So what did they have?  Momentary disfunction?  Is that a thing now?

————- Update (1/6/15) —————-

In France, doctors have discovered that extended treatment with antibiotics reverses the symptoms of autism in 4 out of 5 children.  This supports the theory that autism (at least) is an infection with some type of bacterial load that is overwhelming the child’s developmental system.

Keep in mind that there is also a new class/diagnosis for children suffering from very real chronic infections that impair their behavior and well being, called PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders associated with Streptococcal) or PANS (Pediatric Acute Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome).

We are getting closer to mainstream medical understanding that all kinds of diseases, syndromes and even neurological disorders are in fact INFECTIONS!


Some very astute researcher friends of mine have found veterinary articles describing symptoms in animals that sound exactly like autism along with treatment and healing protocols for what they correctly identify as cyanotoxic poisoning...

“The cyanobacterial blooms are an alarm that is going off and will continue to go off until we start to manage the world more wisely,” says Beasley.

An article on treating a dog acutely poisoned by blue green algae illustrates the global magnitude of this issue. “We are increasingly aware that many dogs and other pets are exposed to these toxins every year, and that the blooms are likely increasing,” says Kudela. And new findings on the chronic impacts of cyanotoxin poisoning have him worried. “We know that even low-level exposure results in decreased reproduction in fish, and probably promotes cancer in mammals, such as dogs and humans.”

—————Update (8/30/15) ——————-

The story just keeps getting weirder but the basic idea is the same.  SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) is a term that more are becoming familiar with and following various proven protocols to address this may well provide the relief an ill body needs.  Here is a great place to start learning about SIBO.  It may well be THE breeding ground for all the chronic diseases and eventual cancers that people are struggling with.  I will also add some treatment options below that I’ve since learned about that seem extremely promising.

Another critical piece of the puzzle has been revealed with the highly suspicious deaths of up to 8 alternative health doctors since June of 2015.  Whether their deaths were linked has yet to be proven, but because of their deaths very interesting research has now surfaced for a broader more mainstream audience; namely the significance of NAGALESE and GcMAF in healing from chronic diseases and cancer.  Nagalese, detected in high amounts suggests a failure of the body’s natural GcMAF production as it basically steals GcMAF’s parking spot in the immune system.  Nagalese has NO KNOWN ENEMIES in the body’s immune system.  There here have been reports that vaccines may be the source of this increase in Nagalese in patients.  Obviously, if this increase in Nagalese in patients can be traced to vaccines we have one of the greatest public health crimes in history.  I’m waiting for more research and news to be done.  It could be a complex part of the cyano/viral symbiotic process as well.

GcMAF supplemental injections are reportedly helping many ASD patients and is reputed to be one of the BEST cancer treatments out there.  But good luck finding a doctor who will give you GcMAF.  Dr. Bradstreet had reportedly just been raided by the FDA two weeks prior to his death and his GcMAF supply was reportedly confiscated.

Here is a video showing how GcMAF works on cancer cells:

Kent Heckenlively, who penned a brilliant book PLAGUE about Dr. Mikovits’ search for the truth about Human Retroviruses, Chronic Fatigue, Autism and other diseases, recently wrote for Age of Autism about the late Dr. Bradstreet, a very well known and beloved doctor treating thousands of Autism patients:

“In the past months Dr. Bradstreet has become interested in nagalese, which he describes as an enzyme “produced by cancer cells and viruses.”  He thinks it unlikely that children with autism have undiagnosed cancers, and thus suspicion falls on a viral etiology.  Dr. Bradstreet writes, “Viruses make the nagalese enzyme as part of their attachment proteins.  It serves to get the virus into the cell and also decreases the body’s immune reaction to the virus-thereby increasing the odds of viral survival.”

Further on Dr. Bradstreet writes, “It is reasonable and likely that the nature of the immune dysfunction and the frequently observed autoimmune problems in autism are mediated by persistent, unresolved viral infections.”  He claims to have tested approximately 400 children with autism for the viral marker, nagalese, and found that nearly 80% have significantly elevated levels.  He hopes to publish soon on this study and believes this information “is one of the most important developments in the clinical treatment of children on the spectrum that I have experienced in the last 15 years.”

It’s all connected.  We live in a closed biosphere where nothing is ever “away.”  We are all breathing in the molecules of every living thing on this planet.  While we may not know exactly which bacterial/viral gang is threatening any one individual or class of diseases, we certainly do have MANY clues and our medical treatments ought to acknowledge and support treatments that do no MORE harm to the body’s innate immune system.

So, what can we do?

The great news is that there ARE solutions to all of this.  As parents and others dealing with baffling chronic disease are forced into the forests of uncertainty, they are making important discoveries.  The number one discovery is the need to detox.  Next is repair.  And third is rebuild (nourish).


Anything alive on the planet cannot grow or flourish if infected or infested.  Many protocols focus on boosting and supporting before fully cleaning house.  If your house is infested with mold, you probably need to move.  But if you cannot move, you need to figure out a pretty drastic way of getting rid of that mold or you will struggle with chronic and life threatening infections related to mold.

Detox protocols are broad and varied but they aren’t all effective to the degree needed for deep and lasting healing.  I have investigated many and tried a few over the years.  What I can tell you for certain is that most herbal detox protocols are not strong enough and do not last long enough for what we are up against.  The pathogens we are talking about are deeply imbedded in tissues and CELLS, inadvertently cloaked by our duped and disabled immune systems, while appropriating essential nutrients away from our cells and blocking healing mechanisms.  Talk about bad ass criminals.  They are not going to come out just because you take massive doses of garlic over a weekend or fast a few days a year (though that is beneficial regardless).

Here are my top picks to date to regain optimal healing (from my own personal experiences):

1.  Red Reishi  — Gandoderma Lucidium is an ancient remedy in Chinese medicine that is receiving global recognition for it’s ability to help balance the body under a wide range of conditions.  Dr. Andrew Weil writes, “reishi has been the subject of a surprising amount of scientific research in Asia and the West.” Research shows that the polysaccharide beta-1,3-D-glucan in reishi boosts the immune system by raising the amount of macrophages T-cells, which has major implications for people suffering from AIDS and other immune system disorders.  Another awesome medicinal mushroom is Turkey Tail.  there are a number of suppliers.  I like Aloha Medicinals and Host Defense or Half Hill Farms pure extracts.  Another company that also provide medicinal mushrooms for Human, Olympic Equestrian and Canine health is Mushroom Matrix.  We are dabbling in many products and noticing tremendous benefits in all areas of health and well being.

red reishi

2.  Berberine and Peppermint — Berberine has many of the benefits of benzimizadoles mentioned below.  It’s well known as a treatment for diabetes and heart conditions but has much wider applications.  Peppermint is an effective neutralizer of both bacteria and their gases that are known to cause many ill effects in the body and brain.  The combo are very powerful and possibly one of the easiest solutions for most people dealing with chronic infections or neural dysfunction.  Here is a GREAT resource to learn more about these treatments as well as SIBO.  A patent review of Berberine found that, “Berberine has demonstrated wide physiological functions and has great potential to give a multipotent drug if some inherent problems on poor bioavailability and solubility are taken care of. Additionally, polyherbal formulations with berberine-containing plants as major ingredients can be successfully developed.”  The poor bioavailability is aided by taking Peppermint with it.

3.  Vitamin D3  — from sun if possible, otherwise 10x recommended daily dose.  The simplest solution to most health problems.  There is a reason people get flus in the winter, the darkest months of the year.  The immune system is not getting enough support from Vitamin D3.

4.  Benzimidazoles  — many, many studies showing effectiveness in mammals, and anti-cancer.  “The molecular mode of action of all benzimidazole products consists in binding to tubulin, a structural protein of microtubules. These microtubules are important organelles involved in the motility, the division and the secretion processes of cells in all living organisms. In the worms the blocking of microtubules perturbs the uptake of glucose, which eventually empties the glycogen reserves. This blocks the whole energy management mechanism of the worms that are paralyzed and die or are expelled.”  Unfortunately the only products currently available are for veterinarian medicine.

— Update (1/6/15) — A friend just found this list of patents for Benzimidazole.  There are more than fifty listed here since the late 90s…all approved for use in humans for a very broad range of diseases and conditions.

patents on fenben

5.  Essential Oils — While studies are finally being conducted, you’ll have to rely on anecdotal evidence for now.  I love Thieves oil and have great success with minor infections.


6. Lemon & Honey Water — The main reason to drink warm lemon and honey water every morning upon rising is that it helps to kill off the pathogens that have accumulated in the stomach and small intestines because of chronic conditions, infections and food choices.  It’s preventative as well as restorative.  It has been linked to many, many benefits for health overall.

7.  OxyAloe — Increasing oxygenation and helps to kill off detrimental pathogens like candida.  This product increases oxygen to the living system of the body while providing the health and healing benefits of both aloe vera and Tahitian noni.  Anecdotally, friends with kids on the spectrum are seeing huge gains as they use this product daily.

8.   Ozone water — drinking truly clean water, devoid of pathogens, can alone heal.  These horses knew that instinctively.  Just get the cleanest, purest water you can.  Water is a major source of reinfection of cyanobacterias and other toxins and generally not treated by municipal sources any where near adequately.

9.  Castor Oil  — pills or liquid mixed with water/kefir.  A time tested anti-pathogenic treatment that has fallen out of favor, organic castor oil was the treatment of choice for generations and also helps with elimination.  It is CRITICAL to have healthy frequent bowel movements to get toxins and pathogens OUT of the body and not recycled.

10.  Omega 3 & Coconut OIL — Healthy fats feed the brain and cells what they need to function better.  Taking large doses of these each morning sets up the body to heal all day long.  It’s part of the Ketogenic diet and we are finding it extremely helpful.  These oils have been shown to heal devastating brain injuries.

OR — Magnesium/Calcium “Natural Calm“…or some variety thereof.

I know many people who are reading this may be spitting out their coffee thinking they ought to de-worm themselves like their dog or horse…but the truth is, yes, you should.  The running joke around here is that we all need a good Vet…not for our pets, but for ourselves.  We have a lot to learn from them.

So, why was 2014 also the best year for me?  

My entire concept of health and disease got turned upside down and inside out.  I persisted in my research and discovered tools that are truly helping heal my son and my own health issues.  I can see the connections between all these pathogens, toxicity and disease.  I may not have encapsulated the gist here but I hope I’ve at least shed some light on an area that seriously warrants deep study.

Since I started my son on many of the supplements mentioned above, he’s made noticeable progress in all areas of his development.  His mood is stabilizing.  He is making friends.  Despite having a serious writing disability, he chose to write a poem on his own about love.

z poem

In the last week before the holiday break he had a whole week of nearly perfect reports from his teacher and specialty teachers.  I know that the road to healing is not a straight line, but he’s moving more rapidly in a positive direction in the past month than he has all year.  In January 2014, he was struggling with academics, focus, impulsivity, emotions and social behaviors.  In December 2014, he is performing in the top of his class academically, with dysgraphia being his primary academic disability that is showing signs of improvement.  While he continues to work on his impulsivity, emotions and social skills, he seems to be closing in on the average for his age range rather than lagging far behind.  I’m thrilled and hopeful for him for next year.

And for me, my Hashimotos symptoms are waning with each day.  If I didn’t hate blood tests so much I would be very curious to find out where the markers are today.  But I can feel a huge difference without testing.  I’m sleeping very well.  All the strange rashes and GI discomfort are gone.  I feel strength returning daily.  Best of all, my thinking is clearer.  Everything just feels lighter and easier than it did nine months ago…and for that, I am very grateful.

In health and healing,



The GcMAF Book:  Explains how to eliminate cancer (and other diseases).

Alternavita:  Hard hitting truth uncovered about the real causes of disease and how to heal.

SIBO 101:  A Comprehensive Guide to Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

Two Week Lemon Water Challenge

Dr. Bradstreet, Nagalese, and the Viral Issue in Autism

 Microbial Dark Matter Causes Disease

The Emerging Science of BMAA:  Do Cyanobacteria Contribute to Neurodegenerative Disease?

Cyanobacteria:  The Toxin that shut off Toledo’s Water

1,000 Chemicals:  The number of chemicals in use today that warrant serious review for toxicity.

What the Chemical Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

PANDAS network:  Pediatric Autoimmune NeuroPsychiatric Disorders


Glyphosate:  Herbicide Deadly to Human Cells

Culprits of Autism Identified:  Toxins, Gut Bacteria, Nutritional Deficiencies, and Vaccines Made with Human Fetal Cells

Was Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) caused by Tap Water?

Viruses May Play Unexpected Role in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

RetroViruses May Play Important Role in Brain Function

Virulence genes of Aeromonas isolates, bacterial endotoxins and cyanobacterial toxins from recreational water samples associated with human health symptoms (pdf from Journal of Water & Health

Frontier Pharma Antibiotics:  Identifying & Commercializing First in Class Innovation – FtsZ proteins one of four promising areas to target.

Is the US Medical Mafia Murdering Alternative Doctors Over The Viral Connection between Cancer and Autism?

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  1. Love your post and information. How old is your son? My sister is in her 30s and was diagnosed with severe ADHD when she was 6 so please let me know if I can help. I saw how it affected my Mom. 😉

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