ADHD Miracle Cure

dyslexia and adhd cure

There are theories, some mainstream, some not.  The theory winning is the one that favors drug use; that the brain is lacking neurochemicals and only drugs can really get them there.  Given all the reading and research I’ve been doing on behalf of little man, I have a deep suspicion that this view is as flimsy as our disease view of nearly every health problem humans suffer from, including diabetes, allergies, autism, cancer, heart disease, alzheimer’s, etc.  I know from my own life experience and research that all disease of the brain and body originates in the gut.  In one way or another, we can heal when our bodies are supported with REAL nutrition and exercise.  For the life of me, I am astounded by the vast number of purported experts who still do not get that.

We have found a real cure, that is safe, simple, cheap and easy.  It took a while to find because so few of the “experts” we initially consulted knew anything about it.  But then, little by little the pieces started to fall together.

I finally read DYSLEXIA AND ADHD:  The Miracle Cure and it led me to the Dore program, and a confirmation of what really cures ADHD/ADD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and many other learning disorders, because they are all connected to a weak cerebral muscle or connection.  Simple exercises can strengthen those connections permanently.  See here:

The Dore program is very inspiring and exciting.  Like me, the founder was looking desperately for help for his own child.  He tried a bunch of things, including drugs, and saw that it really wasn’t helping her much at all.  Any relief was temporary.  Her struggles remained and more importantly, her self esteem continued to drop to the point where she attempted suicide multiple times.

When Dore discovered that hand-eye-balance exercises could so profoundly help his own child and others, he was puzzled that more people didn’t know about this.  He talks in his book about competitive academic baloney which I abhor.  If I find something useful or healing, I want to share it with everyone!  Thankfully he didn’t let the skeptics get him down; he launched a series of studies in his home country England and now has a program in the USA, working in over a dozen schools in Mississippi.

Dore met with all the international experts including Dr. Hallowell, who I got to hear from directly at the ADHD conference recently.  As I was researching this piece, I found Hallowell’s own targeted exercise program called LEARNING BREAKTHROUGH, which you can buy for between $150-300:

I have seen first hand the extraordinary power of the various physical exercises Dr. Frank Belgau developed for improving concentration, memory, reading, verbal fluency, and mental dexterity, as well as confidence…and I am happy to join in that effort. Tell teachers, tell other adults and professionals, tell the world that there is a too-well-kept secret that can help kids with so-called learning differences become champions.      –Dr. Ned Hallowell

The Dore method basically confirmed what I have learned independently from Learning Technics and my naturopathic doc who prescribed neurophysio therapy for my son.  And the best part, is that it’s (nearly) free!  We have an exercise balance ball and I bought some soft juggling balls today.  I am also going to sign him up for tennis lessons and rock climbing.  He hasn’t wanted to play sports that require a lot of hand-eye coordination, preferring linear individual sports like skiing and biking.  Now I think I understand why.  If his brain is weaker in the hand-eye coordination necessary for writing, it makes sense those sports would also be more difficult than fun.

Our Mini-Success Story:

I have been doing the left thumb stare down and spin thing with little man all week plus some other basic hand-eye coordination exercises;  maybe a total of 30 minutes over the week.  I tested him with the vision strip (for tracking) and he was able to differentiate the stripes for the first time today!  I feel jubilant and optimistic that we are on the right path!

Other resources that are proven to help with integrating the brain drug free:


Mindfulness For Kids

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